Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 28- Friday 8/12

Today was really really fun and I accomplished a lot! In the morning, we got some food from the undergraduate symposium (I got a cinnamon roll) and got our name tags.  Then, Prati and I were finally able to get our data analysis done with the help of Hari, Carmen, and Karen! It was soooo exciting to finally get some numbers! Hopefully next week we can make a graph/do some statistics with the results to make it meaningful for our presentation.

Prati left for Georgetown before we finished, so I continued for a bit then went to lunch over in the Slaughter building (where the undergraduate symposium was taking place).  They had Chinese food.  I went with the other interns, and I had lots of fun! I also found a lucky penny!

After that, I came back to the lab and finished the data analysis.  I have all of our numerical results ready for some statistics!  Then, I started reading the new lab article.  Unfortunately, I think it's the longest one yet :(

At about 2 (I think), the other interns came to get me to help out with the remote sensing lab on the roof!  I helped measure the distance between a few things, and then we went to a talk because the plane wasn't going to fly over until around 4.  So, at 3, we back to the Slaughter building and watched Ashley Miller's presentation on PTMs for dermatology.  I thought it was a wonderful idea!  After the presentation, we went back to the roof and waited for the plane to fly over.  After the other interns got bored and went back to work, I helped Evelyn take some measurements and wait for the plane.  I hope we get to see the pictures!! It was an amazing experience.  I took some pictures of the campus from up there, and this is my favorite.

Now, I'm back in the lab all by myself (everyone left and I forgot my swipe card in here, so I was locked out until I knocked on the door to another MVR lab and a nice man came and unlocked the door for me)! I'm obviously writing my blog! Have a lovely weekend!

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