Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 27- Thursday 8/11

Thursday, we had the field trip to CVI Melles Griot.  It was very short! It was also fairly similar to RPO, just a  bit smaller.  After we finished there, we went to Pellegrino's for lunch.  I got a meatball sub and a cookie, and it was yummy, but I was the last one to get my food! The whole trip was still very fun and informative over all :)

After our field trip, Prati and I went to the freshman lab and soldered for a few hours.  Our little chips are almost done, we just have to put them all together today.  I also did some Yarbus.  So, I accidentally went over by 2 minutes because there was so much to do and I got distracted.  Sorry! At least it was a good, fun day!

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