Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 26- Wednesday 8/10

Today was a very interesting day!  After doing the usual morning routine of checking e-mail, blogging, working on presentation, meeting, blah blah blah, Prati and I hehehe went to help Melanie clean out the back room again.  We sorted through some papers from the 90s that Jeff was keeping for some reason, and we found a few funny things- like a picture of Jeff with hair! :) He found some kits in the back room that he wanted us to use to learn how to solder. So, after finishing up in the back room, he took us up to the freshman lab and taught us how to solder.  The first time I tried, my hand was shaking so bad because I was very nervous!  Eventually, though, I started to get the hang of it.

Prati and I spent several hours working on the kits, and we didn't finish.  We also missed the picnic :( so, after trying to find some food there, we went downstairs with our random lunches and found some other interns! We ate with them and it was fun! Kelsey braided Halle's hair in a very interesting way!!! We also listened to some ultrasound stuff Ed had on his phone, and I guess I have good hearing! After lunch, Prati and I returned to the lab and received a big list of things to do! First, Karen helped me scan a special, unclassified paper to PDF for Jeff.  Then, we had to Yarbus Glenn's videos.  It was NOT fun because there was lots of unassisted overriding to do!  After doing Glenn's videos, I worked on the presentation a bit more and went home.

The most exciting part of the day was definitely when Preeti brought in cake, Prati and I took the last 2 pieces, and Jeff tricked us and stole a few bites!!!!!!!!

It was a fun day :)

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