Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 25- Tuesday 8/9

There was still no progress on our experiment today because we either can't get the Dongle, or we can't use the SMI because other people working in that lab :(

However, Prati and I both helped clean out/organize the back room in one of the MVR labs.  We spent about 3 hours making labels and organizing wires.  This included untangling a massive box of wires, wrapping them up (around our legs for the big ones), and then using rubber bands/wire thingies to make them stay wrapped up.  I had quite a headache after we finished, but I did have fun with Prati listening to music and dancing while we wrapped the wires!

Next, we had lunch with the other interns.  It was fun, but I was zoning out really badly because I was sooo tired from the wire-wrapping!

After that, we had our lab meeting.  It was better today because we got to watch a magic trick online.  After all, the article was about magic! We also got to watch people play basketball and change the color of cards.  You should watch them and see why this is relevant!

Basketball Players
The Amazing Color Changing Card Trick

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