Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 21- Wednesday 8/3

I got here extra early today- around 6:30- because my father has to leave early, and he's my ride :( Unfortunately, I couldn't get in the building so I went over to his building (he has a key), clocked in there, and wrote my blog for Tuesday until about 7, when I came over here to start this and check my e-mail.  It took me forever today, so it was a good thing I got here so early!
Next, I had the usual morning meeting.  Nothing too exciting except for our talk about concerts!

After the meeting, I worked on the powerpoint some more. With all the time I'm putting into this thing, it better turn out really well!!!  I actually think it will.  I'm very proud of it :)
Halfway through working on the powerpoint some more, a guy came over to our lab from the KIDS lab and asked us to do an experiment for him. It was cool because we watched a little spiral go around over and over again.  Then, we looked at a picture and had to tell them when it stopped wiggling.  It made me dizzy! 

The rest of the powerpoint took until the pizza/movie lunch during which I caught up with the interns a bit.  It was nice to have lunch with them again! Unfortunately, Prati and I had to leave a bit early because I had been clocked in for 6 hours and I had to clock out or else!  So, we did some homework/facebook/YouTube/online shopping in the lab during our clocked out time. 

After we clocked back in, we were going to use the SMI to analyze our data.  Instead, however, Jeff told us to put BeGaze onto a computer in our lab and analyze our data on that.  To do this, we needed a license for the software.  That was on a thing called a dongle.  It took us forever to try to install it, so we decided to just go hang up posters for the same guy who had asked us to do the experiment earlier.  He was just practicing on us, but he needs some real subjects.  Hence, the posters. 

We went all over the place, and probably not in the most efficient way because we got a little turned around a few times.  However, we ended up hanging up posters in the SAU, right by Java's, at the bus stop, in a few random buildings, and in the bathrooms for our building.  Prati even ran into the boys bathroom quickly and it was quite funny to see the guy's reaction when we told him he didn't have to put a poster in the second floor boys bathroom.  That was dedication right there! Also, while at Java's, we got a muffin and ate it on the way to the bus stop.  It was yummy!

Once we got back to the lab, we worked on installing everything again because it wasn't working earlier. That just about took us up to 5, so Prati did her blog and I watched.  Then, before leaving, we hid the dongle in a very secret spot because Jeff told us we couldn't leave it out and that we had to give it to him or Karen when we were done.  Unfortunately, they had both left! So we'll give it to them today.  I'm hoping it's still in our very secret hiding place becasue it's worth a lot of money.  What a day!

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