Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 22- Thursday 8/4

This morning I got here around 6:30 again.  Luckily, it's the last day I have to worry about making up all this time!  I went to my dad's office again and wrote yesterday's blog.  When I finished around 7, he walked me over here because there was a gaggle of geese walking along in the road!!! It was a very scary/cool experience :)

Once back in this building, I started this blog and checked my e-mail.  It took forever again!  Lots of new e-mails.  I also tried working on the earthquake maps again because I haven't in awhile.  Unfortunately, they're still being very jumpy and blurry, so it was very difficult.  I e-mailed Don to tell him about these difficulties and the fact that I haven't really made any progress.  Oh well, nobody can say I didn't try!

At the morning meeting, we talked about our presentations and field trip.

After the meeting, we went to our lab and took some pictures in the SMI.  We also tried to get our experiment off the SMI and onto our new account in the lab (to log in, we can put our fingers on a little pad!!!!! It's AWESOME!!!!).  We also learned a little Java programming from Dennis...he was helping Prati with more advanced stuff, but I did learn that there are classes, methods, and objects, Java is case sensitive, you end a line of code with a semicolon, and there are lots of little bracket thingies.  Other than that, I was lost.

Next came our cook out! It was lots of fun and we had lots of good food.  Everyone liked my mom's cookies a lot :) We also played frisbee and got one stuck in the tree. Matt Greco tried to climb the tree to get it down, but it was an unsuccessful attempt.  After playing frisbee for awhile, we sat, talked and listened to music.

After the cook out, Prati continued working on her programming and I got the mobile eye trackers ready for Bethany's high school visitors at 2:30.  When they got there, Prati explained about the eye trackers, and then we got one of the boys set up with the eye trackers.  We had him calibrate, and then Jeff had him find Bethany's office.  After he was back, we took the eye trackers and I Yarbused the videos (under pressure).  While we were waiting, Prati and I explained the word search experiment and our advertising study.  When they left, we made the video and then worked on giving it to Bethany.  It was such a big file that it wouldn't work on Prati's flash drive, so we put it on a little orange thing.  After trying to give it to Bethany, Jeff told us the orange thing wouldn't work on a PC.  So, he had us export the movie at a lower quality, and then it was small enough to put on Prati's flash drive.

After that, I went to the undergraduate talk at 4.  Maria was the presenter, and the Medical Imaging she talked about was really cool!  I learned about MRIs, x-rays, CT scans, and PET scans.  Then, she talked about the studies her lab was doing.

Next, I came back to the lab at 5 ish.  Karen, Jeff, and Glenn were talking about Glenn's algorithm for figuring out what a fixation or saccade (when the eye moves) is.  I had some trouble following, but I certainly learned a lot and it was very fun to listen to them talking about all of this college-level science.

That was our day! It was actually really enjoyable even though I was exhausted. Plus, today's Friday! :)

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