Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 9- Monday 7/18

I got here at 8, and I started reading an article for today's MVRL meeting from 2-4.  Prati got here at 8:15, and I was very surprised! She decided it would be easier for her to read this article if she printed it out, and we discovered with the help of a student that the printer's name in the computer lab is "Sailfish."

At that point, we went to the intern meeting and decided to eat in the reading room for lunch.  There wasn't a lot of other information that I recall except some reminders about working only 40 hours a week...oops!

Back at the lab, Prati and I met with Andy (a professor).  He talked to us about the hallway study he did a few years ago, and he taught us a bit about setting up an experiment with as few confounds as possible.  It was extremely helpful (thank you if you're reading this, Andy!), and Prati and I will be using lots of his information.

The rest of the morning we read countless articles, including the one we printed out before the intern meeting, Andy's paper on the hallway study, and many article summaries on the wiki.

It was finally lunch time, and we ate in the reading room.  We discussed what to bring for breakfast today, but besides that, nothing very exciting happened.  I did clock in after exactly a half hour, which was good!  Then everyone went to the bathroom at the same time, which was kind of funny.

After lunch, Prati and I worked on our experiment.  We are thinking about using other interns, so to avoid any bias, I won't say any more!  I will just say we had some fun on the internet, created a survey, and got a lot accomplished :-) now all we need is a question to answer with our study!

It was a very fun day, and I was reluctant to leave.  Unfortunately, I had to leave a little early because I had a doctor's appointment!  Oh well!  Hopefully today will be just as fun.

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