Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 8: Friday 7/15

This morning, I got here at about 8:30 because I wanted to sleep in a little, and I had extra time from the week.  I added something to my blog in the reading room (where the meetings take place every morning for my family and friends outside of RIT), but it took forever because the computer had to update itself or something!  Then, we had our meeting.  Today, all the interns visited the MVRL, our lab!  Prati showed everyone the eye trackers, and I pulled up a word search video we'd made of Nadya.  I think it went pretty well.

Prati and I stayed in the lab and researched advertising and eye tracking all day.  We have two lovely posters of brainstorming on the walls of the lab now.  We also drew on the papers we burnt on the first day of boot camp!  One was Abe, and one was Uni.  Prati and I wanted to have some pictures on our blogs finally!

Prati and I took a lunch without the other interns today because we wanted to basically take a nap.  So, we sat out on the grass by the grill from yesterday and basked in the sun!  It was a beautiful day.  We went back inside and discovered that the other girls were actually sitting under some trees across the road. Oops!

For the rest of the day, Prati and I researched more. We started the first draft of a survey we will give subjects before and after they complete our experiment.  Unfortunately, I'm slowly crashing from staying up for Harry Potter last night.  We also don't have a lot to do until we actually start our big summer study.  I'm writing this blog now to stay awake until I leave in approximately a half hour (one other thing Prati and I did today was to make schedules for ourselves to avoid any further confusion)! It wasn't the most exciting or energetic day, but I did get to know Prati better and I enjoyed Harry Potter last night.  Next week I will come back refreshed and ready to start our summer eye tracking study! Have a wonderful weekend.

P.S. On our way out, Jeff told us a funny story about how he got arrested once.  There were also planes flying all around and it was really cool, but also really loud.  Oh, and I got a 5 on my APUSH exam! That's not really relevant to work, so I'm sorry for including it, but I'm also very excited about it! Bye!

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