Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 7- Thursday 7/14

I usually write all my posts in the mornings, but today I have some spare time, and I'm not going to come in tomorrow until 8:30 ish (I'm seeing Harry Potter at midnight!!!!!).

Anyway, this morning I wrote my blog of course.  It took me a long time because yesterday was so eventful!  Also, I was dressed in my Luna Lovegood attire, so people were giving me strange looks.  Sarah and Elaine came in and liked my little costume.  I loved Elaine's- her Hermione was very accurate!  Oh, and I saw the intern pictures for this summer.  I rarely like pictures of myself, but this one was definitely not my best! I might try changing it.

The meeting took place as usual, then Prati and I went to Boot Camp Part 2.  There were some cookies, mini donuts, and mini muffins that were all delicious!  The actual information was more about eye movements today.  At 10, Prati and I told everyone about our findings on the cornea and Lasik eye surgery.  They thought our findings were very interesting.  Finally, at 12, lunch came in the form of some vegetables and pizza.  I ate 3 little slices with some carrots, cauliflower, and a cookie.  Then, Prati and I went outside with the other interns and there was more food!  I had some chips and strawberries, and eventually I gave in to the left over hot dogs calling my name.  I accidentally dropped one, so I ran to the trash can quickly but everyone noticed! Oops...

After eating a brownie and a hot dog and watching some planes fly overhead, Prati and I returned to Boot Camp.  This part of Boot Camp was mostly about what the different parts of the MVRL lab are doing.  I think I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't been in that room for the majority of 2 days, but I was having trouble focusing (especially when Prati told me we get our AP scores soon!).

Finally, it was 4 and Prati and I returned to the lab.  She left at 4:30, and now I'm using the computer to write the blog!  Overall, today wasn't as exciting as yesterday.  I'm ok with that because it made me tired, which will allow me to take a nap, which will allow me to enjoy Harry Potter at midnight!!!!

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