Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 10- Tuesday 7/19

Tuesday was a pretty eventful day! I clocked in and out perfectly (8:00, 12-12:30 for lunch, and 4:30), so I was very excited because the time clock stresses me out!  Anyway, I got here at 8 as usual and did my blog, but the pinwheel of death (instead of an arrow) prevented me from logging out of all of my things, and I was late for breakfast, which started at 8:30.  Oh well, it was still good because I ate 2 muffins and 2 donut holes!

After breakfast, Prati and I started reading an article Andy sent us.  At 9:45, we did the tutorial from the e-mail for the meeting at 10...Then, at 10, we went to a remote sensing meeting about the New Zealand earthquake just to do something different.  I'm actually really glad we went!  It gives us an opportunity to experience a different aspect of imaging science.

Once it ended, we came back to the lab and I did 5 maps.  Basically, the website ( gives you two maps: a before, and an after.  You click on the outline of buildings that are damaged, and you say they sustained either substantial damage, heavy damage, or complete destruction.

After that, I started working on our "before surveys," or the surveys we'll give our subjects before they complete the experiment.  I was having some trouble because Word is different on Macs, and I'm so used to PCs.  I figured it out eventually, it just took me a bit longer.  I also condensed them to fit onto 2 pages instead of the original 4 pages it was supposed to be- just trying to save the world!

Before I finished, we went to lunch.  We ate outside in the grass with everyone, and it was very nice!  Unfortunately, I had to leave at 12:28 before everyone else because I wanted to have a perfect day!

After lunch, I finished the "before surveys" and started to work on the "after surveys" when I realized we'd need to make the video before we could do the "after survey."  Therefore, we spent the rest of the day getting frustrated and downloading YouTube clips (legally I think)!  We couldn't find the show we were originally planning on using, so we "nabbed" a different show with the help of a YouTube video that taught us how.  By "nabbed," I mean using a site called clipnabber to download videos on URLs you can copy and paste into the little space and then "nab" them.  I started getting very good at this, and at iMovie.  I won't say any more because we might be using some of you readers as lab rats!

I went home before we finished, so I'm excited to see what Prati has!  Tuesday was a very good day because we started our study, and we now have lots to do!  I hope you have enjoyed this blog post because it is the unintentional second draft.  I just wrote this at 8:30, but it apparently didn't save and therefore I had to start over!!! UGH!!!  Then, it did it again!!!!!!!! This time, though, I copied it before I tried publishing so it was much better.  Anyway, thanks for reading and sorry for the delay!

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