Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 3- Friday 7/8

I'm writing this on Monday, so a weekend of relaxation might make this post a bit less detailed than my two previous posts.  Just a warning.

Anyway, I got here at 8 Friday morning so that I could work on my blog without causing anyone to go searching for me or distracting me.  It took me a long time and I was almost the last person into the meeting! But I wasn't, and surprisingly neither was Prati!  After the meeting, where we got free lanyards, Prati and I went back to the MVRL lab and she worked on her blog while I brainstormed some ideas for our big summer project.  The first few ideas were really good, but as time went on, they started getting kind of stupid...for example, "birdwatching"is the second to last idea on that list.  I have never watched birds in my life!

Karen eventually came in and asked us what we were planning on doing that day.  I showed her the word searches I had brought in to practice using the eye trackers and Yarbus.  She thought it was a good idea and told Jeff about it when he came in.  Jeff taught us several things we might run into with this experiment, including "paralax" and extrapolation vs. interpolation.  With this information, we came up with a design for the calibration.

At this point, it was about 10 and we wanted to see the Ph.D. defense of Grigorios Tsagkatakis...which I hope I spelled right.  It was very intimidating because Prati and I were by far the youngest.  We also only had little notebooks, while lots of the other people had lap tops.  Plus, it was very quiet, so we whispered about Harry Potter 7 (coming out this Thursday night!!!) until it started.  When it started, I took notes about the format he used and Prati took notes about the content...but it was way over our heads so we just did our best!

After it was over, we stopped at the vending machine because we were starving!  By the time we got back to the lab after telling Karen about our experience, we could only finish designing the experiment a little and then we went to lunch (it was 12).  We went to lunch with all the other interns at Global Village, which was fun.  Unfortunately, we didn't get back until 12:48 and I knew I would have to stay an extra 17 minutes! Today I will definitely do my best to keep it only a half an hour so I can be home by about 5:30 (I live an hour away).

After lunch, we made copies of our word searches and did the experiment.  We decided to put the word search and calibration on the wall so we could get a good view of the corneal reflection and the pupil in the eye video.  I went first, and my video was harder to calibrate because I was standing closer than Prati (I didn't have my contacts in Friday).  The points went off the scene, and it was hard to tell when I was looking at which point.  We ended up calibrating it eventually, but it didn't turn out well and we redid the experiment with more calibration points that were labeled and smaller.  It was better this time, but I had Jeff looking over my shoulder as I worked on my calibration and it made me very nervous.  Prati and I left at about 5:10 because we were having problems saving much for leaving at 4:30!

Overall, it was a very educational day! ...I was still very glad it was Friday: it's hard working 8 hour days!

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