Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 4- Monday 7/11

I was so tired this morning even though I went to bed at 9:30 Sunday night.  I got here at 8 again, but this time nobody was in either of the places I could go for computers, and I had to ask someone for help.  Luckily, there was a nice lady on this floor who helped me get into the computer lab, and I was very grateful to her.  I worked on my blog for Friday, and then I went to the meeting at 8:30 as usual.  I'm really looking forward to the grill on Thursday, but Prati and I have boot camp then and I'm not sure we'll be able to.

When Prati and I went to the lab after the meeting, Karen was there and she wanted us to run some other people on our word search project today.  So, Prati and I ran Kurt and Mike from our lab.  Their calibrations were soooo much better than ours.  It was really easy to run their tests through Yarbus.  However, we couldn't move everything with the flash drives we had for some reason.  They should have had enough space to move the movies from the lap top in the eye tracker to the other computer for Yarbus, but it kept saying there wasn't enough space! Glenn let us borrow his, and it worked fine.

While waiting for people to do their word searches for 5 minutes, I was looking for the mysterious girl from last week's scavenger hunt.  I had an awesome idea to look at Joe's friends on facebook, and I found someone who looked promising.  It ended up being her mother, who of course had a picture of her daughter.  I won't say any more for now, but I was so excited to have finally found her name!  Hopefully  sometime this week, Prati and I will be able to find her on campus.

After running both Mike and Kurt's videos through Yarbus and rendering them, we went to lunch with the other interns.  Today, though, Prati and I left after a half an hour so we could leave on time.  It was actually really nice!  We got to talk to the others for a little while, and then we went back.

Unfortunately, Prati's water bottle spilled in her purse, so when we got back, we just sat in the bathroom for awhile while her purse dried a bit.

When we got back to the lab again, we ran Karen.  She was also really good at calibration, and she found the most words (15- I had 13...).  Oh well, at least I beat the boys in the lab!

As we were making the video of Karen, Jeff came in to see how we were doing.  He told us that we needed the eye to be more centered and less crooked because of homography.  I didn't totally understand what this meant, but I will definitely be more careful about centering the eye next time!  As I told my mom on the way home, the day Jeff comes over and says good job is the day that Prati and I are experts at Yarbus!

Anyway, Jeff left for a meeting in the middle of explaining what Prati and I needed to do with our new videos, so we started reading something about eye tracking by Keith Rayner.  It is an extremely long article, so to make it more interesting, we let the computer read it to us with an Australian accent!  It made it notably more entertaining.  We also liked the MVRL crew and Yarbus on facebook at the request of the college students in our lab.  It was almost time to go at this time, so Prati and I decided to go to the bathroom and try to find the mysterious girl.  We went to the computer lab and I found out from my e-mail that she is a student...again, I won't say any more just in case someone actually reads this and steals my discoveries!  However, Prati and I still don't know where she is located on campus.  We'll find her eventually!

Finally, at 4:34, I clocked out and went home with my mom.  We stopped at China Buffet on the way home, and then I relaxed the rest of the night!

Today, I'm fairly sure Prati and I will be interpreting our data on the word search experiment and finishing the very very very long article.

After working here for a few days and talking to some of the other interns, I'm extremely glad that I'm in the MVRL lab.  Everyone is so nice and helpful, and I think I will learn a lot over the summer.  Thanks everyone!

Coins from Prati's wet purse- all the money she has!

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