Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 2- Thursday 7/7

This day wasn't quite as exciting as the first day's scavenger hunt, but I still learned a lot.  I was the first one here, so I was very excited when other people showed up.  We had our meeting, and then we got our computer accounts.  Also, Bethany told us about College and Careers, which I had already signed up for.  Before trying to find Karen, I told her that I was doing it.  Then, Prati and I went to the computer lab to set up our blogs because unfortunately, we couldn't find Karen.  I had a hard time setting it up, so I'm just crossing my fingers it's working now.  I also checked my e-mail, and it made me feel very grown up to have a job where I have to check my e-mail!  Then, Bob came in at about 9:30 and said that Karen was looking for us.  I quickly wrapped up my e-mail and went with him.  I felt bad, but I think Prati and I made the right choice to try to use our time wisely when we couldn't find Karen.

When we got to the lab with Karen, we found out that we would be doing an experiment to see how we read.  She helped us, but today we are on our own a bit more.  Anyway, Prati was all set up when Jeff asked her to come model for something about dermatology.  We had to take the glasses off her, which was a little annoying, but Karen had me practice setting her up.  Then, she helped set me up when Prati got back.  It was weird wearing the glasses because I felt so exposed! What if I was looking at something I shouldn't be? What if I am the weirdest reader anyone has ever seen before? Why did I sign up for an internship that tapes me- what if I look bad?! But after I did the experiment for awhile, these little worries went away.  It was all for science, and we were only trying to collect data, not embarrass me.  So, I did the head-tick method of calibration, which is staring at a target and moving your head in a plus sign and an "x" with four little ticks until you couldn't see the target.  Sorry if that's confusing, but I don't know how to describe it any differently.  After calibration, I went out in the hall to read posters.  Prati and Karen were making me work harder than I expected- analyzing graphs, giving summaries of what I'd read, etc.  I thought I was taking a test! I don't think it helped that my contacts were acting up because of allergies, but I did my best.  Oh, and there were lots of people around.  For example, Joe walked by and said it was a good look for me.

After that, it was Prati's turn.  I set her up, but I was not sure of myself at all and kept asking Karen if I was doing it right or if it was ok yet.  She did the calibration, then went out in the hall to read.  This time, I told her what to do and it went much faster, especially without all the people.  When she was done, we went back to the lab and started to put the videos onto Yarbus.  It was about 12:15 when we got close to done with Prati's calibration, and I was starving but didn't want to say anything.  Luckily, Karen remembered lunch and offered to take us to the SAU.  I didn't need to go there because I brought my standard school lunch, but Prati had to.  It took us about 45 minutes, and I'm hoping today it will only take 30 minutes so I can get my full 8 hours!  At the SAU, I was sad because they didn't have normal Cheerios- what if I go here someday? We ate, and talked about ourselves a little.  I would tell you what I learned, but I don't want Prati or Karen to get mad at me for putting anything personal on the internet!

After lunch, I ran into Bob, who asked me to come get my free t-shirt!  Most of them were too big, so I went with a medium- my smallest choice that was still way to big.  Oh well, at least it had a cool design!

I came back to the lab, and for the remainder of the day, we finished the videos and made observations, compared the three kinds of calibrations we tried the first day, and made a wiki page of our discoveries.  We just reported to Karen when we were done, not like the first day when she was here the whole time.  With the more freedom, we read about Yarbus a little like Jeff told us to the first day.  The college students told us to like Yarbus and Joe on facebook, but they wouldn't tell us the mysterious girl's identity!

I went home at 5:15 after making a list of things to do today, and I have just finished my first bullet on that list! I'm feeling more comfortable now because everyone is so nice at RIT and I'm starting to get used to it here.  Maybe by the end of the summer I'll even be able to find my way around!

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