Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 16- Wednesday 7/27

Today Prati and I did our experiment!  I can't say anything about it until we finish the last 2 subjects today, but then I will tell you all about it.  One thing I will say is that I got very tired of the Jeopardy episode we chose, but very good at the SMI!

After the 6 had gone, Prati and I tried analyzing the data a little.  We aren't really sure how...hopefully someone will give us an awesome idea today!

For lunch, Prati and I went to watch the Presentation Zen video.  I think it will be very helpful in our presentation on 8/25! I also had some pizza, which is always yummy.

After lunch, a few other interns, Prati and I went for a short walk and talked about college and school and such.

Sorry the blog's so short for Wednesday, but I can't talk about details until we have all the subjects do the experiment.  Just in case some of them read it.  Thanks!

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