Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 15- Tuesday 7/26

I got here at 8 and checked my e-mail.  We had our meeting, and then Prati and I went to the lab.  There, we decided to practice our advertising study on the SMI before we did it for real.  Therefore, we recruited a person in our lab whose name I will leave out (just in case it's embarrassing to them or something), and he/she watched the video for us.   Carmen and Hari helped us a lot with running the SMI and the experiment.

At 12, another person needed to use the SMI, so we got read to go to our lab lunch.  Prati and I rode with Kurt, Nadya, and Jon.  We listened to many interesting musical selections :)  We eventually got to the King and I, a Thai restaurant.  I'd never eaten there before, so I was somewhat nervous.  In fact, I'd already eaten a PB&J sandwich before we left just in case!  However, I tried a mango smoothie, which I split with Prati, and it was very good.  I also ordered the chicken broccoli with steamed rice.  It turned out to be very very good, but I didn't eat it all.  The soup before lunch got there was equally delicious with lots of vegetables.  I will be sure to remember that little place when I get good grades and my parents want to take me out to dinner!

After lunch, we got back and had our lab meeting.  Jeff made Prati and I start (I was very sad), and I apparently misunderstood the entire article because Jeff questioned me about a definition I gave for salience, one of the big topics in the article.  It was not a fun situation!  After he was done questioning both of us, other people spoke.  Everyone came up with lots of good points, so I ran away when the meeting was over.

I checked e-mail and talked to the rest of the people in the lab about RIT, scholarships, and such after the meeting and after Prati left.  After everyone but Jon and Glenn and I had left, they started discussing Modern Physics and relativity, some topics Jon is apparently going to study this year.  To illustrate his points, Glenn showed us a YouTube video called Imagining the Tenth Dimension (or something like that).  It was soooo confusing!  They were talking about Modern Physics and relativity, and I was just thinking of a Wrinkle in Time (if you watch it, you might understand why I thought of a Wrinkle in Time)!  I highly recommend it if you're ever feeling like challenging your mind and you have about 10 minutes.  It was a confusing, but fun (and educational, and work-related) way to end the day! :)

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