Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 13: Friday 7/22

I got here at 7 today because I have to leave at 3 for College and Careers.  Anyway, they were cleaning in both computer places when I got here, so I ended up on the lab computer after I asked them where I could go.  I worked on the powerpoint for August 25 until the lab meeting, and there's basically not any more to add until Prati and I finish our study.

For the meeting, we visited Matt and Jason's lab.  It wasn't working, but it still seemed cool!

For the rest of the day, besides the picnic and blogging, Prati and I read the article for Karen.  That's it.

The picnic was fun, but I lost Apples to Apples really bad :( oh well!  At least I learned how to throw and catch a frisbee better!

Lots of people stopped and talked to us today, including Joe, interns, and some other nice people.  One lady said she, "admired our dedication." I was glad, because I was kind of unmotivated at that moment.

Also, we had to convert something for Ashley, so we asked Hari to do it for us because we can't.  He did, and we are so thankful!!

That's it for today, have lots of fun this weekend!

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