Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 12- Thursday 7/21

I got here at 8 and started reading the very lol long article from Karen, then I went to the intern meeting and we had donuts!

Next, we finished our surveys and finally designed our experiment!  We also made a sign for Jeff because everyone kept asking us where he was. It's pretty awesome.  I just took a picture of it this morning for your viewing pleasure, but we can't be in our lab today (waxing the floors) so there's some caution tape- sorry!  In fact, at about this point the others in our lab were moving computers and tables out and we were just watching :) don't worry we helped later!

We also took a bathroom break at one point, and Prati brought her water bottle.  I'm only mentioning this because she said she'd be upset if someone took it, so I took it and hid it but she didn't even notice! So I just put it back without her ever knowing! I wonder if she'll ever read this...

I went to lunch with my dad, and we walked very fast and got some sandwiches and subs at the student union again.  I saw Glenn and said hi.  It was very nice, but like I said, we had to rush a bit so I could get back in a half an hour again (it actually worked out perfectly all day again!).

After lunch, we started working on our powerpoint for the end of the year.  As we did this, people were still moving things, and Jeff showed up and asked us to help.  (He liked our sign!!!) So, we helped move things to the other MVR lab room and then returned to our lab because our computer was still there.  A photographer came in and asked us to help stand there so he could get the lighting right.  He was a little creepy after awhile.  Then, everyone who was actually in the picture came in and we continued working.    It was fun to be there! At the end of the photo shoot, Jeff came over and told us that our Abe and Uni (burned pictures) were still in the magazine (he didn't take them down)!  I decided at that point that I love the people I work with :)

At the end of the day, we were trying to watch our powerpoint, but all of a sudden the screen went black.  We hadn't saved it in a few minutes, so we were very nervous and asked another student, Preeti, to help us (we got to know her pretty well during our little clean out).  She couldn't, and neither could Karen, so they just turned it off.  We made sure not too much was lost, grabbed a cookie from the other lab, and left.  Before we did, though, Kurt and Nadya decided we would be called Intern 1 and 2, and I called dibs on being 1.  It was a very fun day :)

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