Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 30- Tuesday 8/16

It was not a very good day yesterday.  It was extremely stressful because Prati isn't here today, Thursday, or Friday this week, and we had a lot to get done to be ready for our presentation next Thursday.  So, we came up with a title, finished reading the article for the lab meeting, took a picture for our powerpoint, and made a video for our powerpoint.  Unfortunately, the videos didn't go well because the Mac really doesn't like whatever the camera used to take the videos.  Also, at the lab meeting, Jeff wanted us to each do the presentation by ourselves, and he wanted Prati to do it yesterday.  The powerpoint still isn't finished because we still need help finishing the experiment!  So, after the lab meeting, we tried to get the videos to work as quickly as possible.  They didn't.  We did the presentation in about 10 minutes sitting at our desk while showing Jeff the slides.  Now, I'm worried we won't have enough to take up 15 minutes.  Ugh!!!  Wish me luck today getting everything done alone :(

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