Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 37- Thursday 8/25

The last day- presentation day! I never thought it would show up, but here it is! I helped Halle wrap presents when I first got here.  I was nervous because Prati didn't show up until like quarter 'til, but then she showed up and we went in the auditorium together!  Everyone did a really nice job, but I was a bit intimidated by how scientific their presentations were.  We made ours as friendly as possible for an audience who knew nothing.  So, they were different, but I think all of them were spectacular!!!  I'm pleased with ours.  I wasn't too nervous, and I only messed up once.  That was exciting! The goodbyes were sad, but now I'm off to celebrate with pizza and cake! Thanks for the experience- I'll never forget it!

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